SentinoBot is AI-powered psychological bot, designed to understand people.

In the core of the bot there is a huge dataset of the most reliable personality tests. The results are processed in such a way that you get not only your personal result, but see how it is related to other people’s results. For example, if your result on extraversion is 60% it means that you are more extraverted than 60% of the population.

Another function of the bot is the one that makes it outstanding: it can understand and process human language when it comes to describing personality. So, if you ask SentinoBot questions about yourself, it can make some predictions on your personality traits.

Just stop by for a few minutes and say "Hi"

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    We care about privacy.

    To make this chat possible, we store the current session (notice, you can refresh the page without data loss). However, if you want to remove everything, just tell the bot so typing "remove me"